Affirmative inaction

Mike Vardy — №7 with Michael Hyatt

I’m a Yes Man. Not like the ones who fix the world or the kind that played alongside the eventually famous Rhys Darby in the feature film ‘The Yes Man’. I’m not beholden to anyone to say yes. I just like to.

If you’re going to enhance your Eventualism skills in the year ahead, you need to say yes a lot more as well.

Saying yes is always a positive answer.

With a new year in front of you, there’s a lot of encouragement to have a positive outlook. This one word will give you that outlook right away. The word can be positive in terms of providing a favourable response — at first. Eventually the word will be attached to so many things that it will become positively negative. And that’s a positive thing for you and your quest to improve as an Eventualist.

You see, you’ll say yes to so much that you can’t possibly please everyone. You’ll have to pick and choose. You’ll have so much on your plate that it will be impossible to fulfill everything. Eventually, all of your agreements will mean little, which means you won’t be required to make as many — if any. That means less responsibility. That means less work.

Less is more… more or less.

By taking affirmative action at first on an ongoing basis, you will soon find yourself being able to have affirmative inaction. The eventual results of that can only be positive.

I’m positive about that, yes.

Yes, I sure am.

Photo: Flickr / Abhi CC BY 2.0

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Mike Vardy

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