What’s the DEAL?

Mike Vardy — №6 with Stever Robbins

D = Delay it.

You’re given a task, hold off doing it. That’s what delay means.

E = Eff it.

Once you can’t delay an action item any longer, work really hard to forget about it. You know, effort it out of your mind.

A = Asterisk it.

Once you can’t delay or effort it anymore, asterisk it so you don’t forget it again. Do that for everything on your list. Then everything becomes important. The asterisk suddenly means nothing. Mission eventually accomplished… almost.

L = Lip Service it.

Once you’ve exhausted the first three components, you’re going to have to sweet talk your way out the situation. If you’re blessed with my charm, you’ll have no problem conveying believable lip service. If not, then the lip service you may have to perform will involve some unpleasant kissing areas.

Remember…the best way to keep up with your end of the DEAL is to treat life as a perpetual Vegas card game, like poker or Texas Hold’em. That way you’ll think there’s always something to DEAL with then.

And perhaps a lot to win — or lose — when it’s time to cash in.

Photo: © iStockphoto.com / Andresr

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Mike Vardy

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