7 ways the new iPad will increase your productivity

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With the iPad many believe the era of traditional computing is over. The PCs and Macs are not going to be mainstream. The iPad-like devices are. They are great for mass content consumption and… productivity. Here’s how.

The Apple’s iPad is still causing lots of controversy all over the Internet and since it’s just been shipped, one can already find a number of ways the iPad will do to improve your productivity (if you get one of course):

1. There’s no “right” way to hold it, it rotates automatically to adjust to you

iPhone users know this already, but for many folks this can be a new thing - you can just grab the iPad and it rotates to adjust to the way you grabbed it. It doesn’t force you to think “how to hold it” — just grab it and start playing with it.

2. Pinch and zoom photos, tap articles to make them bigger and better for reading

Again, nothing new for the iPhone users, but on this kind of device it’s unprecedented — just pinch and zoom or simply tap to read an article better, to see more details, to make sure your eyes are not working too hard. This will make it a perfect computing device for people with sight problems.

3. Process email inbox to zero beautifully

The beautiful all new interface to email will make processing messages to zero fun and cool. You’ll be inclined to process more messages at the time just because of the cool interface of the new email app — the “paper-like” feel to the email messages and ease of use will encourage you to get email done. Of course, the only thing problematic here is the performance of the on-screen keyboard, especially for people like me who are touch-typing. But you can get a bluetooth keyboard for some serious writing.

4. Single-tasking will improve your focus, it’s a feature, not a bug!

People complain about the fact that you can be in one app at a time on the iPhone and will do the same on the iPad… but this actually helps boost your focus and decrease distractions. You’ll get more done, one app at a time.

5. One email message at a time in vertical view

Similar to the point above, iPad has another focus-boosting feature in its email client — when you rotate the screen you see the email message in a beautiful vertical view and you see only this message, no inboxes, no folders, no clutter, just the message that you can give full attention to. Similarly other iPad apps work this way, making the iPad the ultimate “focus” machine.

6. Beautiful calendar will encourage planning your Weekly Review

The calendar app on the iPad is incredibly similar to the good old-school paper calendars we used to carry around with us. I’m sure this app will encourage more order and better planning… and who knows, maybe we’ll finally be able to schedule your GTD Weekly Review more often than once a month? Let’s hope so!

7. Books will encourage readership — you’ll read David Allen’s book again!

The iPad is to serve as an eBook reader. You can get all of the issues of this magazine on the iPad’s iBooks software and read it on the go. It is the most elegant eBook we’ve seen so far. It’ll help you read more and learn more… also about productivity!

Elegance helps getting things done

I’ve highlighted many times in this post the iPad’s aesthetics and the fact that the apps coming with it also look gorgeous and I’m telling you — interacting with pretty tools makes you want to use them more. I should know, I’m using the Macbook Air and enjoy working on it every day.

How will the iPad improve our productivity? Will the apps really deliver on the iPad? Time will tell, but since it’s just a bigger iPhone/iPod Touch, I’m sure this device can be a real productivity booster for everyone. It already is for me!

Michael sliwinski

Michael Sliwinski

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