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I feel that is my duty as your Eventual Productivity Expert to get you “in the know” when it comes to terms that describe that all-important thing you need to take at least twelve times per year: the vacation.

What follows are 30 of the more popular types of vacations one can take.

  1. Baycation — 1. A holiday comprising of watching the films of acclaimed director Michael Bay. 2. A trip to San Francisco.
  2. Claycation — A tennis holiday.
  3. Fraycation — A vacation that involves fighting of some sort (watch people fight?).
  4. Gaycation — 1. A really dumb holiday. 2. A really joyous one. 3. A trip to San Francisco.
  5. Haycation – A trip to a farm.
  6. Weighcation — A trip to the fat farm.
  7. Laycation — A trip to one of those Hedonism places.
  8. Maycation — A trip that could happen.
  9. Paycation — A business trip.
  10. Playcation — A trip to an amusement park.
  11. Praycation — Any sort of religious trip.
  12. Sheacation — A trip to New York to watch their other baseball team.
  13. Slaycation — A hunting trip.
  14. Sleighcation — 1. A trip to the North Pole. 2. A trip to the mall so your kids can have their picture taken with Santa Claus.
  15. Straycation — A vacation where things don’t go exactly as planned.
  16. Yaycation — A really fun trip.
  17. Treycation — A trip to basketball camp.
  18. Drécation — A trip involving a rap concert.
  19. Vraication — A Franch-themed vacation taken to search for the truth.
  20. Olécation —A trip to Mexico.
  21. Chécation — A trip to Cuba.
  22. Okaytion — A trip that was just average.
  23. Placation — A trip one takes just to appease another. (Used in a sentence: I just returned from a placation with my wife.)
  24. Fakation — A trip you told people you took, but never actually did.
  25. Filetcation — A fishing excursion.
  26. Oy-Vaycation — A Jewish vacation.
  27. Raycation — A great trip where you have no idea where you’re going (after Ray Charles).
  28. Fay Wraycation — A trip with a primate. (Used in a sentence: Clint Eastwood went on a Fay Wraycation in Any Which Way But Loose.)
  29. Neighcation — A trip to your neighbor’s.
  30. Bidetcation — A trip to the bathroom.

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