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Michael Sliwinski — №3 with Michael Bungay Stanier

Although it’s summertime in the Northern hemisphere and most of the busy professionals are out enjoying their vacation, we’ve decided to prepare a summer issue of the Productive Magazine — feel free to print it out and take it with you and hopefully you’ll have a great read when lying on the beach and sipping a pina colada.

After two very successful issues of the magazine we’re working on setting new standards for your favorite productivity read. We’ve got a great team of editors with Lori Anderson, Delfina Gerbert and Dustin Wax who are actively helping me out with the magazine and I wouldn’t have finished it without them. 

We are on our way to make it a bi-monthly magazine this year — with next issues to be published in October and December… and in the next year? We’ll see :-) Monthly anyone?

We’ve noticed many of you still like the printed version and for that, switching from Lulu to Magcloud was a good decision. Just for the record — we are offering the printed edition of the magazine only for your convenience — the PDF version will always be free and you can also print it yourself if you want to. 

On the personal note, I started tweeting a lot more since the last issue of the magazine, you can follow me @MSliwinski to see what recently has grabbed my attention and where the development of my projects is going.

As I’ve received great feedback on my 2-minute productivity show from the magazine readers, I’ve decided to compile the videos to a sister site called “Productive! Show” — now we have two sites with the new “Productive!” brand. The video shows are now being published every week for you to enjoy. Make sure to subscribe to them.

In this issue of the magazine I’m happy to introduce you to Michael Bungay-Stanier - Canada’s coach of the year 2006, a person who might not be very well known in the social media but who’s one of the most respected coaches on personal productivity and life planning. His new book “Find your Great Work” is a great read and has helped me define my own personal “Great Work”. I was eager to do the interview with Michael after I listened to a series of “Creative Questioning” podcasts published by David Allen on his web site.

Apart from the interview we’ve got great articles for you to enjoy and as it’s summer, we’ve got plenty of humor for you as well. From “The 30 Types of Vacations” by Mike Vardy to a very funny cartoon about falling into the GTD trap by Whakate - be sure to check it out — we’ll try to have a Productive! Humor section at the end of each magazine. Productivity should also be fun!

On the last note (but a very important one for me) - our magazine sponsor — — online time and project manager developed by yours truly will be launched in exactly a week (August 11th) with a completely new graphics design, full code rewrite for maximum speed and power, new features for project collaboration and more. Nozbe even got a new logo. You can follow the Nozbe 2.0 development on the Nozbe blog and make sure to be there on August 11th to see the brand new standard of the productivity application.

As always, if you liked the magazine, make sure to forward it via Email to your friends, Tweet about it on Twitter and help us bring great productivity tips and tricks to everyone you know. Thanks again for your support!

Yours productively,
Michael Sliwinski

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Michael sliwinski

Michael Sliwinski

Michael Sliwinski is the editor of Productive! Magazine, the founder of Nozbe (a time and project management application for busy professionals), and a best-selling author of the #iPadOnly book.

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