10 Signs you are in the GTD® Trap

Whakate — №3 with Michael Bungay Stanier

Sign 1: You keep your underwear in 43 folders.

Sign 1

Sign 2. You go to bed and think: “What’s the next action?”

Sign 2

Sign 3: You participate in a blog discussion on whether it is more efficient to be effective or more effective to be efficient.

Sign 3

Sign 4: You karate-chop your friend because he questioned Getting Things Done (GTD®)

Sign 4

Sign 5: You remove your spam blocker because your e-mail inbox is empty.

Sign 5

Sign 6: You keep a time log when playing with your child.

Sign 6

Sign 7: You switch your task management application on a weekly basis.

Sign 7

Sign 8: You always drink your beer in two minutes.

Sign 8

Sign 9: You maintain a list of your lists.

Sign 9

Sign 10: You contact Apple for a do-it-yourself iPhone kit

Sign 10


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