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Delfina Czarniecka — №25 with Andrea Feinberg

Nozbe users come from all professions and backgrounds: from teachers and students to housewives, managers and entrepreneurs. So far, we have presented you with solutions for doctors, real-estate agents and lawyers. This article is intended for students.

The background

Everyone is a student at some point in life. It can be exciting, demanding and challenging. Depending on the area of study, the mixture of the three can vary. I wish I had Nozbe during my double major studies, juggling two part-time positions plus steady involvement in student council and theater… But those were the times of pen and paper and your own memory.

Basic focus areas

From a time perspective, I would divide students (and their use of Nozbe) essentially by the year of study. Although I’m sure some high-school students are here, I would rather concentrate on the college students.

Possible application

For college students getting grasp of all of their studying, reading and writing can be quite challenging even without extracurricular activities such as the ones I had during my years at the university.

Projects and labels

If I were to use Nozbe now as I wish I had back then, I think I would start by thinking of my ultimate goal aka. associate, baccalaureate or master degree. Actually, I plan to use it again as I’ve recently enrolled as and undergrad at a university.

That would serve as my main label or category for projects. And I know for a fact that some projects can start as early as the 1st year and continue until you have actually received your degree.

Other labels would be my areas of studies, be it your major or just a group of subjects e.g. like ‘Econ’ would be my label for all the economics related course. Some might be eager to inquire “then what will serve as my projects?”.

A simple answer is: your classes.

For instance, in my current schedule I have 6 subjects: History of Legal system in Poland, General history of legislature, Principles of the Roman Law, Economics, Legal Logic, Legalese English. Those are my projects right there. I want to finish each of them with positive outcome in form of a good grade, right?


Within each project I would of course have number of types of files and tasks. I would not hesitate to use categories to group those across all of them. For instance, though I might need to buy or borrow books for various classes and seminars, essentially my categories would be:

“book-store” and/or “library”.

Books would be my tasks added to numerous project (= classes). When at the book-store, I would simply click on the category and see all the names of books and authors I need to buy. Same thing goes for the library, although here the tasks would be cyclical depending on for how long I need to use the library copy of a given book so that I remember to return the books on time.

Syllabuses would be another group of materials/tasks that I would need to load and keep in mind for each of the subject. In today’s world, you simply go online and download them all from student portals. In the old times, it would mean scanning away like mad (Category: Syllabus).

My third bunch of tasks would simply be contacts for my professors for each class and the lecture room where the class usually takes place (Category: Logistics).

By far the largest group of tasks that are constantly changing are the assignments. It would be actually most healthy for you to simply write them down directly into Nozbe as they come in, instead of waiting to get out of class, but here much depends on your professors. Some do not allow tablets or smart-phones in their classrooms (Category: Assignments).

And the last aspect of it all… the research. There is virtually no class for which you would not need it. Sometimes all you need to do is run down to a library and get a book, but other times it is vast search over the Internet, libraries and other sources… here also, this great little plugin made by Marcus Platt can come in very hand.


Those, of course, are just some basics of how a student may use Nozbe as some food for thought. There are many possibilities, perhaps one of which you will be kind to share here for the benefit of others.

A note from Michael

As you know, productivity is my passion, and helping people around the world get organized and stay on top of their game is my mission. That’s why, as the founder and CEO of Nozbe, I decided to create the magazine that you’re reading right now. The magazine is free, but creating each issue costs money — Nozbe covers these costs.

I’d appreciate if you checked out Nozbe when looking for a solution for yourself or for your company to manage tasks, organize projects, and communicate effectively. Thank you!

Michael Sliwinski

Delfina czarniecka

Delfina Czarniecka

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