The little reference guide to Nozbe

Marcus Platt — №21 with Pat Flynn

When I first started using Nozbe I always imagined that a small reference to Nozbe’s powerful # syntax, markdown and keyboard shortcuts would be useful, 3 years later I still thought it would be! So I took a break from writing “the little book of Nozbe” and made a “little reference guide to Nozbe”.

Hopefully if you’re a new or more forgetful user of Nozbe (like me!) it will help you get the most out of Nozbe.

A PDF version that makes a great printout can be downloaded for free from


Use # in emails & quick task entry:

#priority — make the task a next action

#project_name — assign the task to an existing project

#context_name — assign the task an existing context

#text_date — assign the task a due day:

#every repeat_time



Send one task to Nozbe:

Send multiple tasks:

Email to an existing task:


. buy some milk #household #errands #saturday #15 min


Use markdown in your comments.


# — Header 1
## — Header 2
### — Header 3

Text Format

**bold text**
*italic text*

Bullet points

* Item 1
* Item 2
* Item 3

Horizontal line


Keyboard shortcuts

Use in Nozbe Desktop and web application.

a — add new task
i — inbox
n — next actions
c — calendar
s — start sync
t — quick add task

Taken from the little book of Nozbe

Editors note: Nozbe is the proud sponsor of Productive! Magazine

As you know, productivity is my passion, and helping people around the world get organized and stay on top of their game is my mission. That’s why, as the founder and CEO of Nozbe, I decided to create the magazine that you’re reading right now. The magazine is free, but creating each issue costs money — Nozbe covers these costs.

I’d appreciate if you checked out Nozbe when looking for a solution for yourself or your company to manage tasks, organize projects, and communicate effectively. Thank you!

Michael Sliwinski

Marcus platt

Marcus Platt

The author of the soon to be released “little book of Nozbe” guide. He has recently released a Google Chrome extension for Nozbe as he couldn’t find one for himself! A reformed “productivity porn” addict who blogs at to ease his withdrawal symptoms.

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