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Michael Sliwinski — №2 with Guy Kawasaki

I’m on the airplane 36,000 feet above Greenland heading towards San Francisco for the GTD Summit organized by the David Allen Company. It’s been almost a year since we’ve met with David Allen for the first time and I’m very excited to be able to participate in his event and in the first worldwide gathering of GTD (Getting Things Done) advocates and enthusiasts.

I’m going to meet David again, but not only him. I’ll have a chance to talk to most of the Davidco crew and to many many friends I’ve come to know online while promoting my GTD web application — Nozbe. Finally we’ll be able to connect in person. I think this part is the most exciting of all. Can’t wait to exchange laughs, talks and ideas with them. I’ll make sure to share all these experiences from the GTD summit in issue #3 of the magazine.

This issue of the Productive Magazine took significantly more time to get ready but it’s here on your screen, so it means that after the very successful issue #1 we’ve managed to get #2 out of the door eventually and we’re looking forward to have #3 ready sooner than later.

As a tradition, for the cover of the magazine and the key interview I’m constantly looking for people who are not only famous, but most of all inspire me to be and do better. After David Allen, the father of GTD in #1, I was honored to be able to interview the legend of Silicon Valley and my personal entrepreneurship guru – Guy Kawasaki. When I told Guy about the #1 of the magazine, he loved the idea and rushed to help me promote it and spread the word. When I later asked him for an interview possibility, he didn’t hesitate a second. During the GTD Summit we’ll meet in person for the very first time. Can’t wait.

As we’re developing the concept of the Productive Magazine, we’ll be looking for patterns and “themes” for each and every issue. The first issue didn’t have such a theme. It was about different aspects of productivity. After all, it was our starting point. This one is still not totally themed, but we’ve tried to focus more on resolutions and on what inspires us to move forward and be better. I’ve also added the intro to the 10-step Simply Get Things Done Course at the end of the magazine. It’s a course many of my Nozbe users found useful when starting with GTD.

I’m still not sure whether we should be reviewing different productivity solutions or applications… but we definitely will be taking different productivity techniques for a spin. This is why, in this issue, you’ll learn more about Mind-mapping — something I’m using all the time for my “strategic” thinking. If you follow our Productive Magazine blog carefully, you know I’m planning each issue of the magazine in a mind map.

Our “Productive Magazine Family” is also growing. I’ve received great support from Lori Anderson, Sarah Lauser, Joe Pirola and Dustin Wax to help me edit this issue and prepare foundations for the next one. We are accepting articles from more and more bloggers as they come to us with great content and enthusiasm. The future is wide open and I can’t wait to give you PM #3 with my impressions from the GTD Summit.

Meanwhile let me invite you to check out our second issue of the Productive Magazine and hope you’ll find it a great read.

Yours productively,
Michael Sliwinski

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Michael sliwinski

Michael Sliwinski

Michael Sliwinski is the editor of Productive! Magazine, the founder of Nozbe (a time and project management application for busy professionals), and a best-selling author of the #iPadOnly book.

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