Mobility, collaboration and inspiration

Michael Sliwinski — №19 with Chris Brogan

Being recently in Japan, gave me a great opportunity to do an event with Nozbe customers in one of the coolest venues in town and one of the biggest Apple Stores in the world which is Apple Store Ginza in Tokyo. The event was a success and I had a pleasure of making a demo of the upcoming “Nozbe 2.0” to the full auditorium of Nozbe customers and explained the three pillars that guide our future for Nozbe and productivity.

Mobility, collaboration and inspiration

My focus on the Japan event was to leave the audience with three key things to remember:

1. Mobility

Productive people are mobile and use lots of different devices — the key is to be on all of them and we’re already doing great with our current lineup of apps but we’re going to take it to a completely new level with upcoming Nozbe 2.0 including bringing it to more platforms, too!

2. Collaboration

We’ve always stressed how important collaboration is. Especially peer support when you’re trying to learn and stick to “(GTD) Getting Things Done®” or other productivity techniques. We’ve been offering project sharing and comments on tasks for years and this year we took it to a whole new level with Nozbe 1.9 where we introduced project sharing with anyone, even if they don’t have a Nozbe account.

Well, with Nozbe 2.0 we’ll bring you even more improvements and new tools for you to use plus we strongly hope to finally make people change their habits and stop using email for collaboration. This can be a big leap in productivity perception.

3. Inspiration

We give you Productive! Magazine, we give you “10 Steps to Ultimate Productivity Course” (you just went through Step 2) and we’re now bringing local Productive! Magazines to Japanese-, Polish- and Spanish- speaking folks and a lot more down the line. We have some really cool ideas how to constantly keep inspiring you to get even more things done.

That’s it, three things: Mobility, Collaboration and Inspiration. This is what we’re all about.

Productive! Magazine is sponsored by Nozbe

As you know, productivity is my passion, and helping people around the world get organized and stay on top of their game is my mission. That’s why, as the founder and CEO of Nozbe, I decided to create the magazine that you’re reading right now. The magazine is free, but creating each issue costs money — Nozbe covers these costs.

I’d appreciate if you checked out Nozbe when looking for a solution for yourself or your company to manage tasks, organize projects, and communicate effectively. Thank you!

Please visit the Nozbe web site for more details.

Michael sliwinski

Michael Sliwinski

Michael Sliwinski is the editor of the Productive! Magazine, the founder of Nozbe (a time and project management application for busy professionals), and the best-selling author of the #iPadOnly book.

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