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Practice GTD with others: share projects!

Nozbe is very popular among busy professionals for their own time/project management needs and for easy GTD (“Getting Things Done”) implementation. What many folks don’t get is you can do GTD with others and collaborate using Nozbe by simply creating a new project and sharing it with other people. This way all of you can add tasks, delegate them, add comments, see the progress… it’s easy, transparent and secure (your connection to Nozbe is encrypted using SSL) — just like you see it in our Nozbe video:

Anyone can join with a free Nozbe account and any device!

We don’t want to limit your collaborators to any platform. Now, you can use Nozbe on all your favorite devices and keep your projects in sync across all the platforms. Be productive anywhere, anytime! Take a look at the video in which Tomasz (Nozbe CTO) and I collaborate on a project on many different devices:

New breakthrough in collaboration coming soon with Nozbe 1.9

We’re about to kick off 2014 with a real breakthrough in collaboration and with a feature that’s going to make you forget using email for collaboration and finally push everyone to use tools like Nozbe to work effectively together and “do GTD” with their peers. Stay tuned!

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As you know, productivity is my passion and helping people around the world get organized and stay on top of their game is my mission. That’s why, as the founder and CEO of Nozbe I decided to create the magazine that you’re reading right now. The magazine is free but creating each issue costs money and Nozbe covers these costs. I’d appreciate if you checked out Nozbe when looking for a solution for yourself or your company to manage tasks, organize projects and communicate effectively. Thank you!

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Michael sliwinski

Michael Sliwinski

Michael Sliwinski is the editor of the Productive! Magazine, the founder of Nozbe (a time and project management application for busy professionals), and a best-selling author of the #iPadOnly book.

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