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Michael Sliwinski — №11 with Gretchen Rubin

It’s all about happiness this New Year! We’re delving into goals, de-cluttering your life, and making the most of 2012.

To start off a great new year I’m happy to offer you an interview with Gretchen Rubin — the author of the #1 New York Times best-selling book “The Happiness Project”. She’s an amazing example of a person who went on a journey to find happiness in the small things in life… although she wasn’t terribly unhappy to begin with.

I’m off to a great 2012 — lots of challenges, many new developments and most of all, further building of an all-star team for my application: Nozbe. We are a team of 9 now and I’m hoping we will get to 20 people by the end of this year… and most importantly, 20 productive, amazing people who love to work with one another. I’m so excited!

Let’s start off this year with great advice from Gretchen as well as from many of our regular contributors. All the articles in this issue are designed to inspire you to clear off your old “2011 stuff” and focus your energy on the new 2012. Instead of attempting big, non-specific resolutions, focus on smaller, achievable goals and find happiness along the journey!

Happy New Year? You bet!


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Michael sliwinski

Michael Sliwinski

Michael Sliwinski is the editor of Productive! Magazine, the founder of Nozbe (a time and project management application for busy professionals), and a best-selling author of the #iPadOnly book.

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